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Time for a New Foundation!

Saving East Liverpool – Intro


Saving East Liverpool Ohio. Who would want to do that? I mean, who in their right mind would want to spend time and money investing in a town like this. It’s a small river town located in the middle of nowhere in Eastern Ohio. Unemployment is higher in East Liverpool than probably most every other town up and down the Ohio river. The city is full of drug dealers and small time crooks. Empty store fronts make up the once thriving downtown area. Boarded up houses litter the hillsides. So why even try to save a dying city. To completely understand what I’m going to do, you must first know a little about me. I was born in East Liverpool in 1965. My father worked in a local Steel Mill and my mother was a stay at home mom. I remember the days of shopping in downtown East Liverpool with my grandparents. JC Penney’s, Ogilvie’s Department Store, the 5&10, Peoples Drug Store, Burbicks, where only a few of the downtown attractions. It was a different time. After graduating High School in 1983 and attending college I moved on with my life. Something happened to my city while I was gone. What could have happened to all the businesses. Where did everyone go. Why did everyone go. It was such a safe and wonderful place to grow up. As a child I remember leaving our front door unlocked at night. My friends and I would sleep out on my front porch on 9th street. I don’t think we ever locked our car. Now after twenty five years, it has all changed. Businesses have moved away or closed. The once bright lights of the city are now dark. My city is going out of business. And I don’t believe the current city officials have a clue of what to do about it. If they did, would we be where we are right now.

Our city has so much untapped potential. And it is my belief, that with the right mindset and direction, it can be one of the best river cities in America.

This is where we begin.

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